Superior Quality Engine Oils - Wholesale and Export:

Adhesives and Sealant

Dispersants and Deflocculants / Thinners

Shale Stabilizers

Drilling Mud Deafoamers and Foaming Agents

Drilling Mud Lubricants and Spotting Fluids

Drilling Mud Surfactants and Spotting Fluids, Clean up Chemicals

Filtration Control Chemicals (Fluid Loss Control Additives)

Loss Circulation Material

Drilling Polymers


Emulsifiers for Water based and Oil Based Systems

Corrosion Inhibitors and Scavengers and Biocides

Oil Based Systems and Products

Weight Materials

Commercial Chemicals: Stocked and Traded

Commercial Chemicals

Full range of Commercial and other chemicals as required by the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industry is available with us please enquire for List and specifications.


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