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Oil Drilling Fluids List

Our product range covers drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals,
Workover and Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation Chemicals
and General Utility Chemicals.

Shale Stabilizers
Sodium Sulphonated Asphalt /Sodium Asphalt Sulfonate
Potassium Sulphonated Asphalt / Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate
Oxidized Asphalt, Blown Asphalt
Synthetic Gilsonite: Equivalent To natural Gilsonite
PHPA (Powdered/Liquid and Low Viscosity PHPA)
Cloud Point Glycol
Sodium Silicate/Potassium Silicate
Polyacrylate ,Polyglycol , Polyacrylamide
Natural Gilsonite

Dispersants and Deflocculants / Thinners
Lignites : Lignite Powder ,Causticized Lignite, Potassium Lignite, Chrome Lignite, Causticized Potassium Lignite, Organophillic Lignite
Lignosulfonates : Chrome Free Lignosulfonates, Ferro-Chrome Lignosulfonate Chrome Lignosulfonate, Potassium Lignosulfonate
Tannin : Modified Tannin Based Thinner
Anionic Polymers

Drilling Mud Deafoamers and Foaming Agents
Alcohol Base Defoamer
Stearate Base Defoamer
Butyl Base Defoamer
Drilling Foamer
Silicate Base Defoamer

Drilling Mud Lubricants and Spotting Fluids
Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Water Based)
Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Esther Based)
Extreme Pressure Lubricant (For Sodium Silicate Mud)
Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Environmentally Friendly Non toxic Oil Based)
Range of Customized Special Purpose Lubricants

Drilling Mud Surfactants and Spotting Fluids, Clean up Chemicals
Anionic Surfactant
Cationic Surfactant
Non Ionic Surfactant
Spotting Fluid (Non Weighted) : Pipe Free /Stuck Pipe remover
Spotting Fluid (Weighted) : Pipe Free /Stuck Pipe remover
Asphaltic Base Spotting Fluid
Drilling Detergent
Rig Wash

Filtration Control Chemicals (Fluid Loss Control Additives)
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose: CMC HV, CMC LV
Poly Anionic Cellulose: PAC R, PAC LV, PAC ULV
Resinated Lignite
Pregelatinized Starch/ Drilling starch High Temperature
Modified Lignite/ Organophillic Lignite
Guar Gum
Sodium PolyAcrylate

Loss Circulation Material
Walnut Shell (Nut Plug): Coarse, Medium and Fine
Mica Flakes: Coarse, Medium and Fine
Marble Chips
Blended LCM and Fiberous LCM
Calcium Carbonate F/M/C and Seized Calcium Carbonate
Cotton Seed Hull
Cellophane Flakes
Total Seal F/M/C

Drilling Polymers
Partially Hydrolyzed Poly Acryl amide (PHPA): Liquid
Partially Hydrolyzed Poly Acryl amide (PHPA): Powdered
Cloud Point Glycol:High Medium and Low Cloud Point Glycol
Xanthum Gum
Hydro Ethyl Cellulose (HEC)
Sodium Polyacrylate
Synergistic Polymer

Bentonite Extender API/OCMA
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)
Drilling Starch
Guar Gum
Attapulgite Clay(Salt Water Clay)
Organophilic Clay
Xanthum Gum(XC Polymer)
Drilling Polymer

Emulsifiers for Water based and Oil Based Systems
Primary Emulsifier
Secondary Emulsifier

Corrosion Inhibitors and Scavengers and Biocides
Corrosion Inhibitor for Oil Line
Corrosion Inhibitor for Gas Line
Oxygen Scavenger
Zinc carbonte (H2S Scavenger)
Biocide (Amine type and Aldehyde Type and Ammonium Type)

Oil Based Systems and Products
Amine Treated Lignite
Asphaltic resin
Emulsifiers : Primary and Secondary
Organic Surfactant Emulsifier
Organophillic Clay ,Organophilic Lignite

Weight Materials
Bentonite API/OCMA
Barite API /OCMA
Calcium Carbonate: Fine /Medium /Coarse and Seized Calcium carbonate
Ground Marble Chips
Attapulgite Clay

Commercial Chemicals: Stocked and Traded
Potassium Chloride (KCL)
Calcium Chloride
Salt : Sodium Chloride
Lime :Calcium Hydroxide
Potassium Sulphate
Sodium Bi-Carbonate
Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
Caustic Soda
Soda Ash
Soda Bi-Carbonate
Citric Acid

Adhesives and Sealant
Epoxy Based Sealents
Thermo Setting Adhesives
Cold Setting Adhesives
Phenolic resins and other modified Resins

Commercial Chemicals
Full range of Commercial and other chemicals as required by the Oil Drilling and
Exploration Industry is available with us please enquire for List and

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